Budget Documents, Insurance, and Annual Education Reports

Folder Annual Education Report (20 Files)
Sub Folder AER Reports 2015-2016 (5 Files)
Download District AER Report, 2015-2016
Download New Era Elementary AER Report, 2015-2016
Download Shelby High School AER Report, 2015-2016
Download Shelby Middle School AER Report, 2015-2016
Download Thomas Read AER Report, 2015-2016
Sub Folder AER Reports 2014-2015 (5 Files)
Download District, 2014-2015
Download New Era, 2014-2015
Download Shelby High School, 2014-2015
Download Shelby Middle School, 2014-2015
Download Thomas Read, 2014-2015
Sub Folder AER Reports 2013-2014 (5 Files)
Download District, 2013-2014
Download New Era, 2013-2014
Download Shelby High School, 2013-2014
Download Shelby Middle School, 2013-2014
Download Thomas Read, 2013-2014
Sub Folder AER Reports 2016-2017 (5 Files)
Download District Annual Education Report (AER), 2016-2017
Download New Era Annual Education Report (AER), 2016-2017
Download Shelby High School Annual Education Report (AER), 2016-2017
Download Shelby Middle School Annual Education Report (AER), 2016-2017
Download Thomas Read Annual Education Report (AER)
Folder Budget Documents/Contract Information - Transparency Reporting (62 Files)
Download 2014-2017 SEA Agreement
Download 2015-2016 Check Register
Download 2015-2016 Deficit Elimination Plan
Download 2015-2016 District Credit Card Information
Download 2015-2016 District Paid Association Dues
Download 2015-2016 District Paid Lobbying Costs
Download 2015-2016 District Paid Out of State Travel Information
Download 2015-2016 Employee Compensation Information
Download 2016-2019 AFSCME Master Agreement
Download June 30, 2016 Audit
Download Mi-School Data
Download Purchasing Policy
Download Reimbursable Expenses Policy
Sub Folder Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Board Approved Budget (11 Files)
Download Fiscal Year Board Approved Budget, 2016-2017
Download Operating Budget Through 01/31/2017
Download Operating Budget Through 02/28/2017
Download Operating Budget Through 03/31/2017
Download Operating Budget Through 05/31/2017
Download Operating Budget Through 07/31/2016
Download Operating Budget Through 08/31/2016
Download Operating Budget Through 09/30/2016
Download Operating Budget Through 10/31/2016
Download Operating Budget Through 11/30/2016
Download Operating Budget Through 12/31/2016
Sub Folder 2015-2016 Budget and Transparency Documentation (2 Files)
Download 2015-2016 Operation Expense Pie Chart
Download 2015-2016 Personnel Expense Pie Chart
Folder Employee Insurance Summary Documents (10 Files)
Download SPS Administration & Custodial Quote
Download SPS Administration & Custodial Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Download SPS Administration, Custodian HMO-HSA 2017
Download SPS Administration, Custodian, Teachers HSA POS 2017
Download SPS Support Staff HMO-HSA 2017
Download SPS Support Staff Priority Quote
Download SPS Support Staff, HMO 80%, Tiered 2017
Download SPS Teacher Priority Health Quote
Download SPS Teachers HSA POS 2017
Download SPS Teachers POS-CPA 2017
Folder Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances (2 Files)
Download Superintendent Evaluation Tool
Download Teacher and Administrator Evaluation Tool

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