Letter From Dan Bauer,Superintendent
Dan Bauer, Superintendent
Dan Bauer, Superintendent

September 5, 2017


Dear Community Members:


In our Back to School preparation, we have all staff participate in professional learning and development so they can best serve our children.  On August 19, 2017 we had an opportunity to host bus driver training at Shelby Public Schools.  The bus training was put on by Michigan Association of Pupil Transportation and West Shore Educational Service District (WSESD).  


Approximately 380 school bus drivers from all over the State of Michigan, including all Shelby Public Schools bus drivers, attended the event.  Speakers and training for the event came from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, (UMTRI) and presented wheelchair crash research, driving safety, accident prevention, and new regulatory updates.  Local law enforcement and WSESD personnel led bus drivers through A.L.I.C.E.  (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) techniques and procedures on actual school buses. 


Shelby Public Schools donated two old buses, slated to be scrapped, for additional training on bus accidents. Rescue Resources were on site and conducted a demonstration on extrication of students on one of the buses in the event of a serious accident.  The bus was rolled on it’s side for the training.  The roof was cut open and the back door and windshield were removed to demonstrate rescuing students. This taught the drivers what to expect if they were ever in that situation.  Another old bus was also set on fire to demonstrate how quickly a bus fills with smoke, and then fire.  Trainers wanted to make the drivers aware of how important the emergency evacuation drills really are.  The extrication and burn were also a great opportunity for local fire departments and first responders to have first-hand experience dealing with school bus emergencies.


The two 20+ year old buses were hauled away and scrapped after the training.  Our drivers were very appreciative that we were able to host this important statewide training here in Shelby.  School safety is our highest priority and begins everyday as children get on their bus.  We are very fortunate to have such well trained and dedicated bus drivers.


Dan Bauer, Superintendent


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